About Us

We provide a seamless solution for people that are downsizing or dealing with an estate through innovative technology and selling the entire contents of the house online. We are here to help you realize the full potential hidden in your homes.

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The Silent Bidders Advantage

Online auctions are a powerful, highly efficient alternative to the traditional in-house live auction process. Even though our auctions are timed we always allow for a soft close which extends the process, allowing for a fair competitive bidding process.
Your auction is an unique event that focuses solely on your personal goods. Our staff is knowledgeable and efficient and will come to your home and complete the staging of your auctions to better serve you. The advantages of buying online are the convenience, ease and comfort!

We do all the work! We stage and run your auction with no out of pocket expense on your part. We market and cover all angles while providing a service to accommodate our clients and you can be rest assured that our staff is knowledgeable, competent and will catalogue, photograph and describe your items in a manner that will promote competitive bidding.

Advantages for Bidders

  • Provides an open, fair, and non discriminatory bidding environment, greatly enhancing opportunities for all of the purchasers
  • Bidding in the comfort of their own environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Exciting, fun and rewarding feeling of searching and bidding on the desired items
  • Easy and secure purchase/payment process
  • Detail descriptions & measurements of goods
  • No hassle or negotiations with buyers
  • Previews are always provided, to inspect all of the goods being offered
  • Pickups are supervised, easy and well organized

Advantages for Sellers

  • We manage and staff the entire process
  • Solutions for residential downsizing, estate sale or relocation
  • Highly cost-effective as we can sell practically everything in your house including cars, boats and machinery and business.
  • Much greater exposure over the traditional auction process bringing in many more potential buyers
  • Exposure to a competitive bidding process that routinely exceeds the seller’s expectations
  • No packing, moving, or storage
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